Question #2027798: Z-test: Testing hypotheses

Question: The American Bankers Association collects data on the use of credit cards, debit cards, personal checks, and cash when consumers pay for in store purchase.

A sample taken in 2003 found that for 220 in stores purchases, 46 used a credit card, 67 used a debit card, 33 used a personal check, and 74 used cash.

a. At a= .01, can we conclude that a change occurred in how customers paid for in- store purchases over the four –year period from 1999to 200? What is the p-value?

b. Compute the percentage of use for each method of payment using the 2003 sample data.

What appears to have been major change or changes over the four-year period?

c. In 2003, what percentage of payments was made using plastic (credit card or debit card.

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