Question #2026772: General Differentiation

Question: Consider the function whose graph is shown (right). Consider also its derivative and its second derivative.

Answer questions (a)-(e) below, followed by a short explanation in the space provided.

(a) For what values of x is \(f’\left( x \right)>0\) ? __________ (answer using intervals or inequalities)

(b) List x values for all critical points of f(x) (there are 4 of them) x=_____, x=_____, x=_____, and x=_____.

(d) For what values of x is ?__________ (answer using intervals or inequalities)

(e) At what value(s) of x is f(x) a minimum? x =_____.

(f) At what value(s) of x is a minimum? x=_____.

(g) Does have a horizontal asymptote? _____ If so, what? y=________

(h) Does have a vertical asymptote? _____ If so, where? x=________

Solution: The solution consists of 236 words (2 pages)
Deliverables: Word Document

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