Question #2026005: Testing Hypothesis with the t-statistic

Question: You wish to test the following claim () at a significance level of . For the context of this problem, where the first data set represents a pre-test and the second data set represents a post-test.

You believe the population of difference scores is normally distributed, but you do not know the standard deviation. You obtain the following sample of data:

pre-test post-test
50.1 30.8
47.8 33.4
56.9 46.9
61.6 47.5
53.5 35.8
46 29.5
42.7 22
52.8 50

What is the critical value for this test? (Report answer accurate to three decimal places.)
critical value =

What is the test statistic for this sample? (Report answer accurate to three decimal places.)
test statistic =

Solution: The solution consists of 273 words (2 pages)
Deliverables: Word Document

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