Question #2024468: Z-test

Question: Ralph works on SUNY’s General Education Assessment Committee, and conducts presentations at conferences describing SUNY’s plans. Recently, there has been talk about a new assessment plan for developmental courses. Ralph is wondering how the plan will be received by the schools, so he holds a session at a conference. He asks their opinion on the plan, and also about the type of school they teach at, given below:

Opinion on new assessment plan
In favor Against No Opinion Total
Type of School Taught At Math and Developmental Depts. together 42 50 18 110
Math and Developmental Depts. separate 12 28 15 55
Total 54 78 33 165

At the .05 level of significance, is there evidence to show that there is a relationship between your opinion about the new assessment plan, and the type of school that you teach at?

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