Question #2020372: Computing Confidence Intervals

Question: Problem 7

Use the following data (NCHS 2005) to determine whether or not there is a linear relation between the U.S. national health expenditures as a percent of gross domestic product (GDP) and time.

Year National Health Expenditures as Percentage of GDP
1960 5.1
1970 7.0
1980 8.8
1990 12.0
1995 13.4
1997 13.1
1998 13.2
1999 13.2
2000 13.3
2001 14.1
2002 14.9

What is the predicted value for national health expenditures as a percent of GDP of 2010?

What it the 95 percent confidence interval for your estimate?

What data have you used as the basis of your predictions?

What assumptions have you made?

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