Question #2018576: Testing Hypothesis with the t-statistic

Question: Lucy Baker is analyzing demographic characteristics of two health clinics located in different urban areas–Lawrence Walk In Clinic and HnoVA. Her staff analyzed the age of patients and produced the following table using Excel.

Lawrence Walk In HnoVA
Mean 44.64197531 34.98765
Standard Error 1.111015085 0.519524
Median 46 35
Mode 54 35
Standard Deviation 9.999135765 4.675719
Sample Variance 99.98271605 21.86235
Range 42 24
Minimum 21 22
Maximum 63 46
Sum 3616 2834
Count 81 81
t-test 2.89
p-value 0.002

Discuss the type of test statistic that was used and state the statistical hypothesis being tested.

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