Question #2017807: op. man.

Question: Mineral Mining Company sends one truckload of iron and copper ore daily from the mine to the processing plant. The truck has a weight capacity of 10 tons and a volume capacity of 1200 cubic feet. Each pound of iron ore takes up 0.04 cubic feet of space and yields a net profit of $0.30 when processed. Each pound of copper ore uses \(0.08\) cubic feet of space and provides $0.50 of net profit. The following LP model is proposed, where I is the number of pounds of iron ore to load on the truck and C is number of pounds of copper ore to load on the truck:

a. Solve the problem graphically. Explain the optimal solution and objective function value in the context of the problem. (6 points)

Solution: The solution consists of 184 words (2 pages)
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