Question #2011370: ANOVA

Question: Tablets were made on six different tablet presses during the course of a run (batch). Two tablets from each press were collected during each hour of the 4-hour run. The tablets were then assayed in random order. The results are as follows:


Hour 1 2 3 4 5 6

1 47,49 49,48 46,47 49,50 47,49 50,51

2 48,47 48,47 48,50 47,49 50,49 50,49

3 50,49 47,49 50,49 48,50 51,49 50,48

4 49,48 46,48 50,49 49,48 47,49 49,51

(i) Are the presses and hours fixed or random? What does this mean?

(ii) Explain why randomization is necessary in this experiment. How might randomization be achieved?

(iii) State all the null hypotheses that may be tested. Test each hypothesis (i.e. say whether you accept or reject it, giving reasons for your decision), working in an appropriate order. State your conclusions,

(iv) Outline two advantages of using two-way ANOVA, rather than two separate experiments, to investigate the effects of press and time on assay.

Solution: The solution consists of 330 words (3 pages)
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