Question #2011251: Non-Parametric Tests

Question: A plant ecologist wishes to test the hypothesis that the height of species X depends on the type of soil it grows in. She measures the height of 3 plants in each of 3different soil types. The results are tabulated below. (Height in centimeters.)

1 2 3
25 17 10
21 23 13
19 20 16


a. BY HAND AND SHOWING ALL OF YOUR WORK, please calculate the appropriate parametric test to assess whether or not the results support her hypothesis, assuming normality and equality of variances? (4 points)

b. By hand, and showing your work, please calculate a non-parametric test of the same hypothesis. What do you conclude? (3 points)

Solution: The solution consists of 382 words (4 pages)
Deliverables: Word Document

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