Question #2008590: Testing Statistical Hypothesis

Question: You are given the following information on the distribution of the refraction index of the glass made by your firm. The head of the research division asks you to do two things before his meeting with the company CEO:

Refraction Index Frequency

.25 £ x £ .30 33

.30 £ x £ .32 27

.32 £ x £ .34 25

.34 £ x £ .36 20

.36 £ x £ .38 10

.38 £ x £ .44 10

n = 125

a) Explain which statistic best describes the center of this distribution.

b) Calculate the value of the statistic chosen in part (a).

c) The company’s new marketing trainee was asked to graph the data so that the Board of Trustees will be able to interpret the data. Draw an appropriate graph for this frequency distribution.

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