Question #2007578: Probability Problems

Question: A class of statistics students was asked, “Regarding your weight, do you think you are: about right, overweight, or underweight?” The following table displays the results by gender.

Perception about Weight
Gender About Right Overweight Underweight Total
Female 87 39 3 129
Male 64 3 16 83
Total 151 42 19 212

Event A: the student is a female

Event B: the student is male whose weight perception’s “about right”

Event C: the student whose weight perception is either “overweight” or “underweight”

a. What is the probability of Event A? Set up calculation

b. What is the probability of Event B? Set up calculation

c. What is the probability of Event C? Set up calculation

d. Are Events A and B mutually exclusive? Explain.

e. Are Events B and C mutually exclusive? Explain.

Solution: The solution consists of 201 words (2 pages)
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