Question #2007568: Testing Hypothesis

Question: A Researcher asked a sample of 50 1st grade teachers and a sample of 50 12th grade teachers how much of their own money they spent on school supplies in the previous school year. The researcher wanted to see if the mean spending at one grade level is different from the mean spending at another grade level.

Two-sample T for 1st_Grade vs 12th_Grade

N Mean StDev SE Mean

1st_Grad 50 111.2 88.9 13

12th_Gra 50 49.5 38.8 5.5

Difference = mu 1st_Grade – mu 12th_Grade

Estimate for difference: 61.7

95% CI for difference: (34.3, 89.1)

T -Test of difference = 0 (vs not =): T -Value = 4.50 P -Value = 0.000 DF = 66

Figure A.1.

a. What is the response variable in this problem?

b. What is the explanatory variable in this problem?

c. What type of variable is the response variable? categorical or measurement

d. What is the appropriate population value for this problem? population mean or population proportion

e. Write out the null and alternative hypotheses in terms of the appropriate population value.

f. On the output in Figure A.1 the test statistic is 4.50. Use this test statistic to write a one-sentence interpretation of the p -value in terms of this problem.

g. What conclusion can be made in terms of this problem? Why?

h. Using the 95% confidence as your basis, do you think practical significance has been found with regard to the mean amount spent when comparing 1 st grade teachers to 12 th grade teachers? Include reasoning. Hint: Refer to Example 13.10

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