Question #2005266: T-test Hypothesis Testing

Question: A teacher proposes to implement an experimental course he developed that increases statistics comprehension in students. To evaluate the “effectiveness” of the course, the teacher administers the same final exam to a control group taught by another teacher and his experimental group. Scores are as below:

Control Group Experimental Group

100 99
65 87
74 80
97 99
95 88
75 75
91 104
107 81
66 77
101 87

Using an ? level of .01, your desire is to test the claim that there is no difference in the control group and experimental group scores. Is there a difference? State in symbols the null and alternate hypothesis. What type of error (Type 1 or Type 2) may have been made in this case? What are the possible consequences of the error?

Solution: The solution consists of 340 words (3 pages)
Deliverables: Word Document

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