Question #2004495: ANOVA

Question: A study was performed to test the effect of attractiveness on perceived happiness. Three groups of participants were presented with photos of a very attractive person, a moderately attractive person, or an unattractive person. The participants then used a standardized scale to rate how happy they judged the person in the photo to be. The data are as follows:

Very Attractive

Moderately Attractive Unattractive
6 5 4
8 6 3
8 8 3
10 9 6
7 7 2

The problem is to determine whether there is a significant overall result and, if there is, to determine which groups differ significantly. We won’t go through all the computations resulting in F (treat this example as another review exercise)’ the summary table is as follows:

ANOVA Summary table

Source SS


Between Groups 49.73 2 24.87 F=10.67,
Within Groups 28.00 12 2.33 df=2,12 or
Total 77.73 14 F(2,12)=10.67 p<.01

Using the values from the summary table and from your computations on the raw scores, perform the LSD test.

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