Question #2002729: Probabilty Distributions

Question: A group of 100 Blockbuster Video customers was considered. For each customer, the number of videos checked out at one time was counted. 4 of the customers rented no videos during their visit, 26 rented one video, 36 rented 2 videos, 20 rented 3 videos, and the rest rented 4 videos. Letting X represent the number of videos checked out during their visit, develop the probability distribution for X.

The probability table is shown below:

x p(x)
0 0.04
1 0.26
2 0.36
3 0.2
4 0.14

(2 points) Using the distribution above, calculate the E(X).

Solution: The solution consists of 141 words (1 page)
Deliverables: Word Document

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