Question #2002628: Testing Hypothesis

Question: Assume that you are a wedding coordinator. Over the years you have collected data on the number of RSVP received prior to a wedding and the actual attendance at the event The coordinator believes that she can predict how many folks will attend by looking at how many RSVPed. Use SPSS to determine if there is such a relationship and show your output. If there is a relationship, how strong is it? Can you provide the coordinator with a formula that he can use to make predictions? Assume that at an upcoming event 150 RSVP. How many do you predict will attend? (3%)

Wedding RSVP Attendance

1 250 195

2 200 166

3 135 125

4 75 50

5 219 190

6 187 125

7 133 139

8 102 79

9 129 99

10 150 ?????

Solution: The solution consists of 221 words (2 pages)
Deliverables: Word Document

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