Question #2002513: Analysis of Variance

Question: The residents of a housing development for senior citizens have completed a survey whereon they indicated how physically active they are and how many visitors they receive each week. Are these two variables related for the 10 cases reported below?

Case Number of visitors Level of activity


6 5
B 5 4
C 6 5
D 8 6
E 10 8
F 6 5
G 4 3
H 3 2
I 8 8
J 4 4

a. Identify which one is the independent (X) and which one the dependent(Y) variables

b. Find the regression equation

c. Compute r and r-squared and explain the extent to which variation in the dependent variable is due to the effect of independent variable

d. Predict the level of activity if a resident has 7 visitors per week.

Solution: The solution consists of 275 words (2 pages)
Deliverables: Word Document

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